Valley Park – January 2023

Project: Valley Park – January 2023



Valley Park – January 2023

Valley Park homeowner wanted the basement rafters blacked out and the new wood around the stairs painted white before the steps are sealed and the final touches added.

The first portion of the project was painting out the basement. Because it’s very easy to miss spots on the first run we always do two solid coats. Using different patterns and allowing just a bit of dry time always gives a more consistent result. The drywall installation followed us which is the idea time to paint the rafters. While it can be done with walls in place there is quite a bit more prep involved.

Once done we began on the stairs. One coat of specialized primer was applied and given 24 hours to dry. Three coats of hard enamel paint were added and again a 24 hour dry. The protective paper was removed and final touchups done. The stairs will now be sealed by the wood installers.

Paint used was Emerald, ceiling dryfall was cutomer supplied paint from home depot.



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