St. Charles – February 2023

Project: St. Charles – February 2023



St. Charles – February 2023

This homeowner in St. Charles had a very common issue – ghosting along rafter lines. The problem was made worse by the burning of candles over the years. Since the initial cause is best described as a defect from the build of the home itself this problem can come back over time. To prevent this as much as possible we first applied a specialized sealer over all the existing rafter marks. After that we did three solid coats of white on the ceilings. After that the faux beams across the ceilings were painted a darker accent color (we think they were a styrofoam composite), did an accent color on the kitchen soffit, fireplace and basement stairs then finished with two coats of color on all the walls.

SuperPaint was used for walls, beams, accent and Eminence for ceilings and Duration on trim.


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