We exclusively use Sherwin-Williams products as the paint of choice because of it’s premium quality offerings. By always using the same types of paint we know exactly what to expect from the product and what brushes, rollers and techniques are best suited for it.

To help save our clients money we allow customers to purchase paints directly from Sherwin-Williams through our volume contractors account which will automatically save you around 40% off the normal retail prices you would pay. Instead of going to the hardware store and getting paint that costs $30 a gallon when for the same price you get $60 a gallon stuff!

Once you have decided to hire us we set you up with the information to receive these prices through us and have you go to the local retail store and obtain color cards and begin to make your choices. We generally recommend that once you are pretty sure on a color you wish to use get a sample and take it home and apply to a small area of a wall (corners are best or right along woodwork). Once all color choices are in place we will give you the quantity amounts to purchase for the job. This allows you to be at the store while the colors are mixed to ensure they are correct.

We also welcome other small contractors who because they don’t sell a lot of paint will not be offered these low prices to purchase through us. Simply put – it helps us push sales through our account which helps us keep these ultra low prices for our customers.

Here are the current price lists for Sherwin-Williams products we get at a discount. There are some very new products not yet included in these lists so feel free to contact us to get pricing for anything not listed. These prices may change from time to time so if there are any questions call us and we can check with our rep for the latest prices or products that are not listed here.