Paint Material Pricing

Updated August 2020 – this is our current direct to you pricing on paints from Sherwin Williams available to all customers.

Not only are there many options to decide in regards to the level of service and work you need done the selection process for your paint products are also important. While this does not list all options available we are listing the most common products and some of our recommendations. We do also have access to their entire Pro Industrial line of products!

Wall Paints

Property Solutions $14 – $20
Promar 700 $16-$19
Promar 400 Zero VOC $20 – $28
Promar 200 Zero VOC $24 – $30 <– recommended lower grade
SuperPaint $29-32 <– recommended medium grade
Cashmere $31 – $34
Duration $43 – $45
Emerald $50-$55 <– recommended high grade

We typically recommend SuperPaint which is a versatile paint that works in just about any environment or Duration for the longest lasting finish possible and of course Emerald which is their top of the line product.

Property Solutions is a low end paint generally for rental properties with high turnover where a single application coat to clean the unit up is all that is necessary. The three levels of Promar go from low end to average quality – something about as good as Valspar or Behr paints yet better than Menards products and crushes paints like Glidden. Cashmere is on the same level as SuperPaint however it is a specialty finish paint and comes in a standard sheen – there are no options other than color. Duration is the top dog and offers unmatchable results but for most homes may almost qualify as overkill.

Ceiling Paints

Suburban $22 <– recommend for homes prior to 2010
Eminence $22
Promar Ceiling Paint $23.50 <–recommended for homes after 2010

For this one our favorite ceiling paint is actually the Suburban. While sold by Sherwin it is actually an old Brod-Dugan paint (a legendary paint company) and does the best job of a regular flat white paint.

Eminence and Promar are ‘Ultra White’ as opposed to flat white. While that screaming bright white looks good it tends to be a maintenance headache as dust, lint, kitchen grease, steamy bathrooms and the such – pretty much ANYTHING hits that ceiling and it shows. Flat white will retain it’s look much longer. Only reason to use these type paints is if you want that feature. You can also use flat white in any of the wall paints from above.

Trim and Cabinet Paints

SnapDry $43.75
ProClassic Alkyd $44 – $45
ProClassic Waterborne $45 – $48
All Surface Enamel $50.25 <– recommended regular enamel
Emerald Urethane $55 – $57 <– recommended high grade finish

The paint we most commonly use on woodwork is actually SuperPaint in Eggshell, Satin or Semi-gloss.

SnapDry is a pretty standard type trim paint but it’s main feature is supposed to be a quick dry time. The two ProClassic versions work well with more people choosing the water based version to avoid the high smell of the oil based alkyd however alkyd does leave a more durable shine and look. Emerald Urethane is a new product I have yet to test but it is a best in class product with the added urethane build in the paint which will result in a much harder, solid finish. The All Surface Enamel is mostly considered a cabinet paint however we have also used it successfully on hand rails too.


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