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At Paint Saint Louis we understand how important service is in a service industry. The reason customers contact us is because they want peace of mind throughout the process of beautifying and protecting their home or business without having to hire a big firm and pay the hefty prices some have to charge due to their overhead but retain the peace of mind and security of hiring a company that puts it’s entire history in visual proof – our insurance, our history, our business’ legal documents, our BBB rating, reviews and years upon years of before and after pictures – online so you don’t have to ask us for them. 

We are here to take all the headaches out of painting. To that end, besides the moving of furniture, we take care of you completely. We bring in all our own tools and we take them out. The only thing we leave is the leftover paint. If you don’t have the best tools for the job, we’ve got that covered. If you’re not sure that you can live with having your house in a state while you paint, we do everything we can to let you live your life normally while we do our job.  There’s no need to go through all the trouble. That’s not why you hire a professional painter. 

When you hire Paint Saint Louis you won’t be paying for fancy trucks and emblems, commercial offices and staff and all the things the big companies have to charge so much money for. We use the same products and tools, were trained to the same industry standards and do the work in the same exact way. We have the same insurance, business license and high ratings. We just do not have the massive overhead that forces many to charge much higher prices for the same exact work. 

When you are ready for a FREE bid give us a call or text at 314-827-4401 or e-mail us at sales@paintsaintlouis.com.

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St. Louis Interior Painting!

How much will the paints for your project cost? It’s an important factor in the overall final cost and based on price has made many decide to use an inferior product to save a little. While virtually every painter gets discounts many never pass some or all of that savings on to their customers. How substantial is that savings? Enough that through us you will obtain as much as 65% off Sherwin-Williams paints based on paint line used. This allows you to use one of the best residential paints on the market at prices cheaper than standard hardware grade stuff and sometimes CHEAPER. Combine this level of savings with our labor prices and you begin to see just how much you can save on your painting projects!

Easy House Painting by Pros

Just a few reasons you should make us your painter!

Projects done on time

Completing work within the time frame promised is an important aspect of the painting business however rushing to complete work is where many painting projects fail. By properly timing jobs we ensure that work does not have to be rushed and applied products are always given manufacturer recommended dry times. This allows us to give a customer a set of daily goals and reach them consistently which in the long run offers the ability to complete and end all projects consistently on time and also allows minor setbacks to not slow down the project completion time.

Verified credentials

One thing our customers over the years have thanked us for is due to the fact that we believe a client should not ‘have to do their homework’ on potential contractors. The contractor should provide as much proof of their claims, their past work, the legal operation of their business and the fact that they have current and valid insurance protecting the customer. We provide every document right here on our website so you can verify these things without ever leaving the site. Every contractor should do this.

Public pricing and easy bids!

Get a ballpark bid in about two minutes at any time 24/7 by using the bid calculator. You can also view most common pricing based on a standard room and what adds to that price. We are one of the few if not the only area painting contractor with clear cut and defined pricing models and publish them on our website. Why offer 10% off or a ‘sale’ if you don’t know the original price? And when we provide you with a bid it is broken down in granular form describing all work being done, paints being used and products/colors. There should never be a question of what you are receiving for the price. Best of all? FLAT RATE PRICES so you will never be surprised at the end.


As the owner of the company I was trained through the IUPAT apprenticeship program with District 58 and moved into journeyman painter before branching out on my own. And because you will never ‘know everything there is to know about painting’ that training continues through industry programs, the Master Painters Institute and various trade groups You will always train on new products, processes and techniques. We don’t just know how to paint – we can discuss what the paints are made of and why some are more suitable than others based on your project needs. We adhere to MPI standards and use it as guidelines for all the work we perform.

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Please note this is a shop location and we are not open to the general public without appointment.

Service Area

Our service area includes:
– most areas south of I-64 through St. Charles County, St. Louis County and St. Louis City
– most areas east of (but including) Washington/Union, MO
– most areas northeast of Desoto/Hillsboro area
– most areas north of Festus/Crystal City area
– Illinois towns of Dupo, Columbia, Waterloo, Millstadt, Belleville and nearby.

Specials and deals may not be available to all areas we service.

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