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Whether it’s getting a home ready for the re-sale market, your recent new home purchase, a custom paint project such as a bedroom, living room or an entire home, tenants moving in and out, investment properties and yes many small businesses and commercial operations Paint Saint Louis can facilitate any request for your residential painting needs on time and on budget! These are not precise prices as each customers needs are a bit different but for the most part the prices below fit the biggest majority of residential painting projects we have done. Remember we never ask for deposits or up front money which is why customers purchase all paints directly (through our discount). You will only pay for work as it is completed and approved. 

If you want a super quick calculation on price you can use our bid calculator or download this quick form which can be used to gather some of the basic information we need to bid your project and give us a call or scan and send it back to us at sales@paintsaintlouis.com. Got pics? Measurements? Real Estate listings? Send them along as they make the bid process much easier! Below is our basic pricing structure and how bids are calculated which should give you a good idea of the initial cost of your project.

Some walls in your home need to be repainted more frequently than others due to daily wear and tear. For example, if you only eat in your formal dining room a couple times a year during the holidays, you probably won’t need to paint the walls as often as those found in your kitchen, hallways, or bathroom.

  • Living Room & Dining Room: If you used high-quality, durable paint in these rooms, you likely won’t need to repaint for quite a few years. Even if you use your living room more often than your dining room, the durable paint and room decor can often protect it from wear. You will want to paint your house interior every 5 to 7 years. This frequency generally does the trick for both of these rooms.
  • Kitchen & Bathroom: Food splatters in the kitchen. Messy fingers on walls. Moisture in the bathroom. These factors and others require that kitchens, bathrooms (and laundry rooms) be repainted more often than dining and living rooms. Professional painters use the most durable, gloss paints on trim and satin paints on walls in these rooms to ensure the paint lasts as long as possible. You will likely notice that your kitchen and bathroom will need fresh paint every 3 to 4 years, sometimes longer.
  • Bedrooms: If you don’t have kids, you will find that the paint in your bedrooms can last a long time. Because adult bedrooms are typically used less frequently, you may find that you won’t need to repaint until you want to change up the color! But kids’ bedrooms are an entirely different story as they are used for both sleep and play. Professional painters often use an eggshell or satin sheen when repainting a child’s bedroom walls. This can ensure that paint will last longer even when it has to be scrubbed down multiple times over. Kids’ bedrooms usually need repainted every 2 to 3 years.
  • Hallways: The hallways and corridors of your home are walked through more often than any other space in your house. This means that you will see a lot more dents, scuff marks, and other wear and tear in these areas. Have professional painters paint these spaces every 2 to 3 years to keep your paint looking fresh and new.
  • Fresh paint always smells nice. 🙂
An awesome tri tone room – white wainscot, grey walls and a olive green/grey ceiling wrapped with white crown and trim. Pacific – 2020.

So.. I’m sure you want to know the pricing!

For most intents our basic approach to a bid begins with what is considered the standard size room or area which by measurements is 12 x 12 x 9 or less and has no more than two door and window openings. This is what we term as a ‘standard room’. Are areas smaller than this cheaper? No mostly because some small areas can take as long if not longer than an average bedroom to paint due to the confined nature of small rooms.

With that said in many cases we try to use excess from larger rooms to even out smaller ones on larger projects but this is not possible in all situations. The standard room price also does not cover closets or any space walled off as it’s own separate space.

ALL PRICES ARE BASED ON AN EMPTY ROOM. PLEASE BE AWARE WE DO NOT MOVE FURNITURE (we’re painters, not movers). IF ALL ITEMS CANNOT BE REMOVED THERE MAY BE ADDITIONAL COSTS FOR WORKING AROUND THE ITEMS! Please notify during the bid process if you believe there are furniture or objects that may not be able to be removed from areas!

With this said the area would run $200 for two coats of paint on walls, $90 for one coat on the ceilings and $50 for one coat of white on the baseboards or you can get all three for $320. So what if you don’t have a standard room to paint? Some rooms are not considered standard because their size, shape and number of obstacles can vary wildly, some may have added woodwork features and some are really tall. Some of the most common reasons a room may cost more…

They are:

Kitchens: Kitchens may have less overall wall space than some rooms however are one of the two most complicated rooms in a home. Because of spaces above, below and around cabinets, appliances the amount of hand (brush) work is increased dramatically along with many items to protect and cover.

Rolling walls is the fastest part of the painting process so the lack of open wall space is easily made up for in brush work time. Kitchens typically vary from the low end of $200 and the higher end of $275.

Bathrooms: Much like kitchens bathrooms are complicated to paint. The confined area does not dry as fast due to humidity buildup which causes the paint to dry slower which delays application of a second coat. Cabinets, sinks, plumbing, towel holders all increase prep time before painting. Odd areas to reach over angle tubs, small shower boxes, toilet rooms, spaces under sinks.. many things can tweak the price and why for most part bathrooms are a normal price room or slightly above. For most part bathrooms will only range from $200-225.

Two story atrium area in High Ridge completed in August 2020.

Heights: The single biggest driver of cost are height areas which is anything over 10′, vaults, two story rooms/foyers, atriums, stairwells. These are based on size, complications and requires two painters on that part of the project.

Two story great rooms/foyers, foyer/stairwell combos, atriums and cathedral roof areas generally start at $1,200 and includes equipment costs (scaffolding) and all the setup and teardown time involved. Typical stairwells will run from $200 – $300 when enclosed or semi-enclosed. Normal vaults 12′ or less are typically at minimal additional cost.

Obstacles: It is the clients responsibility to remove all or as many items as possible from the work areas. This is due to the added risk involved ranging from injury risk to workers, possible damage to belongings and even proper clearance to properly apply the paint and protect the surrounding surfaces. We do not move furniture or belongings because.. well we are painters not movers.. and the risk level is high enough that it causes a substantial increase in insurance costs due to both possible injury or damage to items. While we do our best to work with situations where something just can’t be moved any items left in a work area could increase prices.

Larger areas: In most cases extra square footage in a room won’t drastically alter the price and is only based on the extra time to paint out the extra space. In many cases this is where we take extra space from larger areas, use that to compensate a few smaller areas and can then evenly price every single area across the board making a bid simple and easy. Again the exception to this rule is any area over 10 ft high and especially anything over 12.

There are those smaller not so common items of course such as needing extra coats to cover crazy and vibrant colors, primer coats, sealing out stains and smoker damage and a laundry list of ‘don’t do that everyday’ kind of things and will be discussed if the need arises.

Carpeted stairs meeting direct drywall

Stairwells: Stairwells are generally priced starting at the same price of a normal room and generally increases in price if there is (a) carpet that meets drywall directly as it requires more prep work and protection and (b) height areas within the stairs that require anything more than a standard extension ladder as in many cases extra equipment may be needed to safely paint.

Closets: Closets are not included in the price of a room as closet types, sizes and shelving systems can vary wildly.

Baseboards, Crown and Chair Rails: The price for baseboards begins at $45 for tile and hardwood floors and 55 for carpeted areas. Chair rails begin at $50 and crown begins at $60. This is for already painted woodwork which will receive a single coat of white semi-gloss, eggshell or satin paint. If the woodwork has not been painted (is stained, lacquered or varnished wood) or has oil based paint currently additional work will need to be done before the surface can be painted and is done in the same fashion as cabinet painting.

Custom wainscot paint using Tricorn Black and Pure White

What does it include: This is a labor cost however it does include all the normal tools and materials needed to complete a standard room except the paint itself. We supply the tarps, plastic, tapes, masking paper, brushes, rollers, buckets, screens, ladders and one roll of painters tape per room. Paints are purchased separately and done through our Sherwin-Williams commercial account obtaining you the full discount that we receive.

Our discount covers their entire paint line from top to bottom as well as primers, sealers and many other paint related products as needed. We also perform a normal amount of prep filling small screw and nail holes and minor caulking but does not include more substantial repairs such as nail/screw pops, stress cracks, holes, missing plaster or other damage. If walls require work of this nature please let us know during the bid process so that pricing can be discussed with you.

You may also want to watch our website and our social media pages as there can be short notice sales to book last minute holes in our schedule.

Last but not least: Travel distance! These prices can only be guaranteed in what is considered our normal service area which is any location we can reach within a 45-minute drive which is the vast majority of the St. Louis Metro. We cover many destinations in Jefferson County, the eastern half of Franklin County, the southern half of St. Charles and western St. Louis County (south of I-70) and I-64 through central St. Louis County, central and south St. Louis City and across the river through part of St. Clair and Monroe Counties. If you are outside of these areas there may be an additional daily travel charge to cover the travel but does not affect the overall room prices.

We hope this gives you a reasonable expectation of what costs are involved with most of our standard interior painting services and always feel free to ask us about anything we may have missed here because as much as we have tried to cover most of the bases here every job is a little different. For pricing on other services please check out those individual pages for more information or give us a call at 314-827-4401.

Pricing effective January 2023




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