For six years Paint Saint Louis was a BBB Accredited business. Many people asked us why we are no longer and it’s a very simple one – we found out the BBB is a scam. A huge one.

One of the primary things the BBB claims is that you should trust them and the reviews they display on their website and should REALLY, REALLY TRUST the BBB Accredited ones.

Nothing could be further from the truth. As a former accredited company I can confirm that the #1 thing that makes you ‘accredited’ is a monthly payment to the BBB. For us it was about $45 a month. That gave us the right to use the Accredited logo and state we were. You also had a slightly enhanced business page on the BBB that pulled a whopping 100 people all year long. That’s it. What did we have to do to ‘earn accreditation’? Be in business for one year and not have our rating drop below an A-. That’s it.

We also know for a fact that there are companies listed as legit on the BBB website right now which are as illegal as they come. The BBB won’t take away their A+ rating even when their own website says false advertising is cause to do so. Companies breaking one listed rule after another and it is repeatedly ignored. There was even a company claiming BBB ACCREDITED and what did the BBB do? Nothing. A+ rating. Super trustworthy!

The BBB is not an independent agency. It is a BUSINESS and it is IN THE BUSINESS OF SELLING BUSINESSES RATINGS AND ACCREDITATION. Pay them and you can do whatever you like which is why there are a ton of companies with 30,000 complaints in a year but still have an A+ rating?

It is very clear now that the BBB does not vet a business at all. You tell them, they post it. They do not take the time to make sure that company listed as a LLC or Sole Proprietorship even exists. Just make up a name, send it in along with your payment of $45 and BAM you’re an accredited business people should put their trust into.

Don’t ever do that. Are we still BBB A+ rated? Absolutely. Do we think that means anything now? Not really. Basically the BBB is a big fat scam now.


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