Tower Grove – June 2016

Project: Tower Grove – June 2016



Tower Grove – June 2016

Project: Repaint Front Stairs, Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, Bathroom ceiling, Bedroom, Back Stairwell and other unit 2nd Floor Stairs

What was painted: Trim received one coat oil based primer and three coats white semigloss paint. Ceilings received two coats white primer and walls received two coats of paint.

Notes: The walls and ceilings were heavily plaster textured which makes the paint look a bit odd. To mask this as much as possible Pro-Mar 200 Lo-Sheen Eg-Shel paint was used. To save money and to seal out some stains and leaks primer was used on the ceilings and double coated.

Colors used:
SW 6274 Destiny (tan/purplish color – DR, KIT, STAIRS) 
SW 9145 Sleepy Hollow (blue color – LR and BR)

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