Fenton – May 2016

Project: Fenton – May 2016



Fenton – May 2016

Project: Repaint Living Room, Dining Room, Hallway, Entry and three Bathrooms

What was painted: Ceilings and walls

Also: Repaired entire ceiling tape line that was damaged due to house settling. This was the area from the cabinet wall of the kitchen across the hall and into the front entry of the home. This was retaped, mudded, sanded and primed prior to painting. A hole was repaired in the hallway with a cutout repair of the drywall and one bathroom tape crack was repaired.

Notes: There were other issues with the walls the owner opted to not repair including what ended up being names written into a bathroom wall with an acrylic paint. It was removed as much as possible and some areas floated however other than cutting some out of the drywall and refloating there was no easy repair so it was left and covered as much as possible. A few other weak tape lines were found in corner and edges which were not deemed major issues by the owner.

Colors used:
SW 7071 Gray Screen (ceilings and main walls in LR as well as ceiling into DR and KIT and ceiling/walls in BA’s)
SW 6783 Amalfi (blue accent wall on staircase)
SW 7664 Steely Gray (accent for opposing vaulted wall between LR and DR and short accent wall in LR)
SW 7075 Web Gray (darkest accent on stairwell and around kitchen pantry)

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