South County – July 2021

Project: South County – July 2021



South County – July 2021

Wallpaper removal is always a fun project. From the different types of paper and backing, types of glues and adhesives used and of course the biggest unknown of all – what’s underneath the paper?

Well.. first question was answered real fast when we determined the top layer of paper was my favorite.. thicker top sheet and light brown paper backing. This stuff allows the top sheet to be pulled down easily then the wall gets a soaking and the backing scraped off.

But as the paper came off the wall we found multiple surprises from some drywall repairs that were half finished as they apparently planned on covering with paper. Skimmed and smoothed those out. Found one wall that had never been painted before but was sealed.. one wall that was partially textured before someone gave up and covered it and two walls with a second layer of paper that had been sealed over and papered over again. Even the white walls in the room that were only pained showed seam lines meaning even those walls had painted over paper. This is why we warn customers.. you have no idea what you might be getting into doing a paper removal and what to do when various issues happen and both the best and best cost aspects of what can be done.

All came out well in the end, Promar 200 Low Sheen Eg-Shel in Alabaster is the color used. Only baseboards and walls painted and the entire wall surface also got a solid acrylic sealer once the paper was down and before painting.

And yes the walls were still drying as these photos were taken. The color used on the walls was Sherwin’s Alabaster in Promar 200.

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