Ballwin – June 2021

Project: Ballwin – June 2021



Ballwin – June 2021

This Ballwin cabinet painting, base, crown and door painting and wall painting was requested by the homeowner who got tired of an old dated faux finish look in their home and wanted a big change. Yes that is faux finished crown.. faux finished baseboards, door trim and doors. And the cabinets. Yes the aged/stressed look added to the cabinets. Even the ceilings are a cream color.

So we helped them take this dark dated look and turn the entire first floor into a bright cheery area. All the crown, window sills, doors, baseboards and door trim turned to Pure White. Walls to Crisp Linen. We then primed and repainted the cabinets using enamel urethane paint also in Pure White to match the woodwork. Most of the stressing became much less noticeable after the paint work was complete making a huge improvement in the entire first floor.

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