Pacific – August 2020

Project: Pacific – August 2020



Pacific – August 2020

Wallpaper… wallpaper and even more wallpaper. Some of it up right, some of it not. Likely one of the more challenging removals but the biggest worry from the initial pictures was what looked like bare drywall… instead the installer used the very same acrylic type sealer we use after removal to seal out residual wallpaper glue. This was mostly an original builder install and for some  reason two different types of paper were used – the two part paper backing type which is a simple and usually damage free removal and the other a very common thin fronted and thin backed white membrane paper which in many cases can be stubborn to remove cleanly. The first bathroom shown was a paper removal only as it is going to be remodeled so there was no reason to repair the walls or paint. The job entailed the upstairs hall style bathroom (remove only), a secondary standard bedroom that had top to chair rail paper, a third bedroom with chair rail to floor paper, the two story foyer which was entirely papered as was  the areas of the first floor including secondary bathroom, rear hall/mud room, laundry, kitchen and sunroom. We did our usual process of remove, patch walls, sand, seal, first coat, check for last second patching, second coat and done.

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