DeSoto – September 2020

Project: DeSoto – September 2020



DeSoto – September 2020

Owner had taken down a few pieces here and there and like many decided that was enough. We came in and pulled all the paper except one room which was pretty much glued right into drywall so we skimmed back out the test area, sanded down the seams and skimmed those, sealed the paper and repainted. All the rest of the rooms came down (some very stubborn), did some patching, sanded down all the walls, sealed and repainted.

This home is a good example of the challenges of all wallpaper jobs – even within the same home paper removal can go drastically different from one room to the next. On this property we ran into normal two piece brown backed paper which came down pretty normal, two rooms where it was a little difficult and two rooms where we basically had to power sand through the top layer to get a clean release – and that final room that was right onto drywall with no chance of removal without significant damage. And even after the paper is down you may find unexpected things – in the upper hallway wallpaper was run directly over an open air return, two small holes in the wall in the bedrooms and even old anchor holes all of which have to be repaired.



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