Maryland Heights – Feb 2024

Project: Maryland Heights – Feb 2024



Maryland Heights – Feb 2024

Note: The before pictures are those from the real estate listings however this is not the condition the unit was found in when purchased for a remodel/sale by a real estate investor.
In the end all the flooring was removed (especially the carpet in the bathrooms), vanities and toilets replaced, one shower redone, quite a bit of patching and the kitchen looks nothing at all like the before pictures here. In addition, someone had painted the stairway spindles black.

In the end this was mostly a walls only repaint. The popcorn ceilings were not done other than a few spot paints from stains. Baseboards originally goe one coat of white but after carpets were removed customer decided to rip and replace them. New vinyl floor on all three floors. Carpeting wrapping the stairs. Railings sprayed fully back to white. All wall colors from the original builders grade white to a neutral grey in Low Sheen Eg-Shel from Sherwin (used to hide some wall imperfections).

At this point there are some ‘after’ pictures posted however these are really more in progress pictures as we will be returning soon once all the other contractors are done to take care of touchups from the other work that had been done and plan on taking final pictures at that time.


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