High Ridge -January 2024

Project: High Ridge -January 2024



High Ridge -January 2024

Over eight years ago we painted most of the main interior area of this home so it’s always nice when someone that far back calls you when it’s time for more work.

For this trip they wanted their honey oak cabinets painted. These were like most lower end cabinets with only wood fronts. There was also a second area with cabinets that were installed at a separate time and while close in look were not the same cabinets and did not match in type or color. With the kitchen sitting back away from the natural light the darker wood cabinetry made the entire kitchen look dark.

The customer chose to go with Essential Grey from Sherwin Williams for the new color which lightened up the entire kitchen area a whole lot!

Doors were removed and labeled, all hinges removed and set aside for each door ensuring that the top and bottom were marked so every hinge would return to it’s former location which generally reduces or eliminates having to balance out the doors later. All hardware removed and set aside.

We then set up shop in the corner of their basement with drying racks and tables and racked it all up. Doors were light sanded, deglossed and cleaned, lightly sanded again then a coat of bonding primer was applied. Once cured it was lightly sanded, first coat added, lightly sanded and the second coat applied. Doors were then flipped to the fronts and the same prime/sand/paint/sand/paint process was followed.

Hardware put back on, doors hung, handles returned and a final check of all doors. boxes and sides done to ensure proper coverage.

We then painted out the small back area to match the rest of the homes interior.

The first picture was taken of the back of one of the doors after the first coat went on. The leveling ability of this paint is simply amazing, and this is the lowest end stuff we use. Two other close up shots are of a side (which is basically a laminated sticker) and one of the doors. Now the two different sets of cabinets all match in color.

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