Maryland Heights – March 2021

Project: Maryland Heights – March 2021



Maryland Heights – March 2021

This was mostly a whole house repaint for these new homeowners in Maryland Heights, Missouri. Lots of bold colors and accents throughout. We also did a repaint of the kitchen cabinet doors after a botched prior paint job and painted both bathroom vanities. The cabinets had unfortunately been painted with the wrong paint and base primer and then laid outside to dry. That led to grit in the paint and a heavy stipple from using latex wall paint on cabinets. There was unfortunately nothing that could be done about the underlying issue that the wrong primer was used to bond to the cabinets so to save the homeowner some cash we advised in sanding down where possible and coating with our normal enamel urethane base paint. The two vanities were done entirely by us and came out with a nice smooth finish.        

This is the cabinet condition when we got to the job. The owners were offered our cabinet services but decided to have someone else do them based on a cost factor. The end result is the cabinets are pretty much ruined because the base primer coat used was a normal multi-purpose primer which absolutely will not bond to laminated cabinet doors. This means the risk of peeling down the road is very high. The rest of the damage was caused by using normal latex wall paint instead of at least an enamel paint which is much more durable and can resist peeling. With the product we use having an additional urethane layer the customer had us apply a coat of it over what’s existing after the doors were sanded down as much as possible. The end result are smoother doors and a more consistent finish however it is only a hope the enamel will lock down firm enough to keep the underlying layers intact.

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