Ballwin – April 2021

Project: Ballwin – April 2021



Ballwin – April 2021

Residential repaint in Ballwin. For this project we were repainting all the ceilings and the walls including the stairwell to the lower level of this condo located in Valley Park/Ballwin area.

While jobs like this seem simple they generally are except for one factor and that’s a lot of furniture and nowhere to go with it. While doing the ceilings it’s a bigger challenge so there is a lot of plastic laid, lots of tarps and some stretching to reach all the areas.

In this situation and with the timing available it was easier for ceiling painting to complete one half the ceiling and then the other. By splitting into the smaller areas ceilings are painted then prep everything else in those areas and prepare for wall paint. Then move everything over to the other side and do the same thing. By this point with all ceilings done everything goes back to the center of the room for the remainder of the wall painting work.

For this project we completed the living room, stairwell to the lower level, dining room, kitchen, a small hallway and the bathroom. The paint product used was Promar 200 using the low sheen eg-shel paint that offers a nice flat look but a finish that can also be cleaned without damage.

Painting walls and ceilings in Ballwin, MO.


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