Ladue – August 2023

Project: Ladue – August 2023



Ladue – August 2023

This project began earlier this year and has been broken up into sections as there was quite a bit of renovation work and other contractors involved. The first portion of the work was to come in and paint all the ceilings on the first floor and get the first coat of wall color throughout. The only areas untouched are the two small bathrooms as work is still ongoing. For most of these areas we used either Promar 200 flat in Accessible Beige or Emerald flat (same color) in the main areas and hallway (more durability). The second portion was the return trip to do door frames, doors, baseboards and trim on the main floor then second coat all the walls. The third trip was to black out the basement ceiling and paint all the new drywalled areas of the basement with two coats of Promar 200 flat. There may still be some bathroom areas unpainted as those still have work going on.

At the time this is being posted I am finalizing the areas of the basement and then completing the areas of the first floor that we can and likely will return a fourth time for the three bathrooms and a final run through.


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