Chase Park Plaza – June 2023

Project: Chase Park Plaza – June 2023



Chase Park Plaza – June 2023

We have always said we can do a cabinet paint job in pretty much any residential situation. For most part we occupy an area in the garage or basement of most homes for the painting work however what do you do when neither exist. Not too long ago we did one in an open retail business during normal business hours which meant changing the normal method to get some ultra-fast dry and cure times. This time it was in a place with an absolutely amazing view – the 19th floor of the Chase Park Plaza hotel. While the view was amazing there was no basement, no garage and only in the living area of the home.

Nice thing is with our current setup it takes almost no space at all and we were able to complete this high end paint job in the same amount of space as a couch with no fumes, no smell and without shutting their kitchen down for any length of time. We also have a great system for getting all the necessities in and out of these high rise buildings and once things were set up with the customer, they were able to go about life with little to no interruption in their daily lives.

As can be seen in some of the before pictures there were some significant problems caused by random repairs over the years including old glue, silicone caulk and other things which was cleaned off and sealed with oil primer, all surfaces deglossed, one coat of primer and four coats of topcoat enamel paints were applied. There is one door missing from a corner that is painted but will be getting new hinges so that was not mounted when we took the pictures and the customer will be reinstalling the gold plating around the island. The customer has a few handles and knobs to order to finish the transformation.

There was also a few pieces added from the bedroom where the doors, drawer fronts and bed surround were painted a more mahogany color (the original color can be seen in the back of the book case).

In total this project was a total of 53 pieces and all the cabinet boxes and island.

Interested in making your cabinets go from aged to modern, dark to light or anything else? Give us a call today!

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