Kirkwood – December 2022

Project: Kirkwood – December 2022



Kirkwood – December 2022

Another set of cabinets transformed. Disassembled, primed, painted, reassembled.

A few of the corner doors appear slightly off. They were left a bit loose on the hinges as they will be removed again shortly for new counters and backspash. This way they will be easily removable without damaging the fresh paint as it does take this product up to 30 days to ‘fully cure’ and harden. Knobs were also left off for a few more days while drying happens however we did put the new felts on the backs of the doors.

Remember even though white seems to be the most popular color you can choose almost any color in the spectrum much like modern wall paints so the sky is the limit and occasionally customers request a tuxedo design which is a different color on the tops and bottoms.


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