Columbia IL – November 2022

Project: Columbia IL – November 2022



Columbia IL – November 2022

Paint: Sherwin, SuperPaint, Flat
Color: Alabaster

Interior painting project completed in Columbia, Illinois. This project involved repainting the ceilings and walls of the entry, basement stairs, living room and kitchen areas. Both the walls and ceilings of the area have a heavy texture added at some time by the previous owner. The new owners were happy with the white color but not the texture.

By repainting the entire area the texture was much more subdued and blended in and added just a touch of color to the whole area. Since the color was so light and conscious that the edges would be difficult to get a clean edge with the texture everywhere the owner opted to do the same color on both the ceilings and walls.

One expected thing was a higher than normal amount of paint usage. The entire job ran about three gallons over the average amount that we normally see.

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