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Kirkwood Painting Contractor – Interior Painter Kirkwood, MO

May 20, 2022Uncategorized

Take the headache out of painting your Kirkwood, MO home by calling Paint Saint Louis for your interior painting needs!





#BBB A+ RATED St Louis Painters

Paint St Louis, LLC interior painters are here to make painting your Saint Louis house, condo, or apartment easier than ever before.

Paint St Louis, LLC interior painters are a top-rated locally operated painting service company centrally located in Fenton, MO and provide service to Kirkwood, MO. Our professional interior painters serve both St. Louis County and most neighborhoods in the City of St Louis, Missouri as well as portions of St. Charles, Franklin and Jefferson County in MO as well as St. Clair and Monroe Counties in Illinois. Accordingly, our top-rated painters specialize in interior painting, dry wall repairs, wallpaper removal and cabinet painting services.

No question, we’re the only Saint Louis painting company that publicly posts it’s pricing structure and can give an almost solid bid before we even speak with you then unlike the huge outfits give you a one on one personal level of service. We only do one project at a time and only accept so many projects on our schedule at once. Most other outfits you find are nothing more than franchisees or out of town operations that advertise in many states and cities at once. They hire ANYONE because they are not companies but lead generation services.

From Wildwood to Creve Coeur to Belleville to Festus to Hillsboro to Union – Paint Saint Louis LLC has you covered.

We provide service to Affton, Ballwin, Creve Coeur, Downtown St. Louis, Dogtown, Ellisville, Frontenac, Fenton, Clayton, Kirkwood, Webster Groves, Valley Park, Chesterfield, Wildwood, Arnold, Imperial, Pevely, Hillsboro, Antonia, Fenton, Manchester, Ladue, Town & Country, Union, Pacific, Washington, Gray Summit, Villa Ridge, Waterloo, Columbia, Dupo, Belleville and other local towns.

Need help with choosing colors for your next painting project? Sherwin-Williams offers IN HOUSE color consultancy services at a 50% discount through our company!

As fully-insured and certified house painters we are quality-focused professionals that are keen on communication and customer service. Paint Saint Louis, LLC offers easiest way to paint your home, condo, or apartment in Missouri!

When it comes to getting the interior of your home, condo, or apartment painted, there are a number of things to consider.

Professional painting requires an attention to detail that separates the good from the great painters. Accordingly, the best professional St. Louis painters have an eye for the details that make for a picture-perfect finish and we have posted online well over 5,000 photos so you can see our long term commitment to quality one job after another. Unlike out of town firms that have come and gone over the years or those lead generation services Paint Saint Louis is the actual painting company you will hire – not someone through someone – and every photo and every job are jobs we completed. Many websites just use clipart but don’t display YEARS AND YEARS worth of completed projects.

The attention to detail is important but it’s also vital to use the best tools and products for the job. By using quality products there is never an issue with how the product will perform or cover and the outcomes can be very predictable. We also offer some of the most detailed quotes in the industry that include each and every surface being painted, every coat being applied, the colors, sheens and specific paint products broke down by room and then surface type. Many of our customers have been shocked to find out our online bid calculator is so amazingly close in price just using the most basic of details.

We work out all details with customers such as any repair work needed for surfaces, having work areas ready and most importantly the step by step and area by area process we will follow on the project. By planning out every detail and need in advance projects can proceed smoothly and efficiently.

Now some say that it’s a desired thing to have a painting company that posts online every day. Only the desperate do that. Face it a small painting contractor doesn’t have time to sit around playing online all day – once again the only painting companies I have ever seen posting every day are LEAD GENERATION companies like HomeAdvisor, Improovy, Angie’s List, Networx and the long list of others who are and never will be REAL PAINTING COMPANIES.. their sole function is to pretend to be real companies to get people to call them and then they SELL YOUR INFORMATION to as many as ten painters at once most of whom they have done very little verification of. Regardless of if you hire any of them or not the lead generation company has made a cool 1,000+ off selling your info. Disgusting.

When the big companies who have done no local painting at all claim they are experts – RUN. Run as fast as you can because how can you be an expert when you don’t even actually paint houses?

HomeAdvisor? Improovy? Networx? All they do is sell your info.



Find A Painter Near Kirkwood, MO 63122

January 2, 2018Uncategorized

Paint Saint Louis provides professional interior painting services to residents in Kirkwood. We can help both residential and small business owners obtain professional painting work. We can provide you with a quick free bid on your Kirkwood home or business along with expected material costs to aid you in the decision process of your interior painting project.

Paint Saint Louis provides the following services to the Kirkwood area: interior wall painting, interior ceiling painting, interior baseboard painting, interior door painting, cabinet painting, handrail painting, wainscot painting, minor drywall repair, wallpaper removal and more! Whether you are updating your home, buying a new home or selling your current one we can help bring it’s beauty out. We can also help property owners with rental homes and apartment units that need a fresh coat before turnover! We are here to help you with your paint job in Kirkwood – just give us a call! Paint Saint Louis has provided professional interior painting services to Kirkwood since 2003!

Painting a house is labor intensive, time consuming, and potentially dangerous. To do it well requires preparation, the right tools, skilled labor, and a solid education about the different products, surfaces, and techniques involved.

At Paint Saint Louis, our goal is to satisfy all your needs and offer a variety of residential and commercial services. We use only premium paints and supplies, like Sherwin Williams, in order to assure success and a quality painting experience. If you wish, we can also offer the services of a color consultant to help you match colors and work with you to apply samples. At the end of the job, we will also help you record your product and color choices for future reference.

Choosing Colors

At Paint Saint Louis, we know that color sets a mood and can also make a room appear smaller (dark colors) or larger (light colors). The perception of color appears to change with different lighting (sun/shade, day/night).

Color samples are recommended to ensure you will like the colors in your home. We carry 4” x 4” samples of Sherwin Williams’ colors and can get 8.5” x 11” versions upon request. Painting splashes of color samples is also an option, but talk with us first, as that may add a step to cover them up during final painting.

On interior projects of $3,000.00 or more, Paint Saint Louis offers one hour of color consultation, free of charge. Additional color consultations are available at the customer’s expense.


Our painting contractors will fully prepare the interior of your home and protect all of your belongings. Flooring is protected with drop cloths, builder paper, or plastic and taped down at the edges. Switch plates, outlet covers and window blinds/shades are removed. Any surface mount or hanging light fixtures and window glass is protected with plastic and/or painter’s tape. The only thing we do not do is move furniture because we work in small crews and it requires additional insurance. It is recommended to hire a true labor/moving company for any items we cannot assist you with moving. We generally recommend clearing the entire area since any obstacles left in a work area can increase time/cost and can cause accidents or the use of improper painting techniques to work around items.

General Repairs

Our painting contractors also have the skills to perform complex repairs in your home (these will be specifically noted on your estimate). These include replacing or repairing sheet rock, scraping, taping, texturing, sanding, removing wall paper and caulking cracks along doorjambs, baseboards and ceiling crown. Before any sanding/scraping can occur a lead test will need to be performed as part of the EPA Lead-Safe regulations.


At Paint Saint Louis, we use only superior materials from Sherwin Williams to ensure the highest quality finish. Paint is applied by brush and roller whenever possible. Acoustic texture (“popcorn”) ceilings must be sprayed.

Clean Up

At Paint Saint Louis, we promise to never leave a room in your home partially finished. At the end of every working day, we will clean up and remove all supplies, tools, and trash. All trash, is removed and disposed of properly. We will also re‐hang shades and blinds, and replace all switch plates and outlet covers. When we leave, your room will be ready for you to enjoy!


A formal walk through is conducted with you and a Paint Saint Louis foreman and/or Project Manager to assure your complete satisfaction with our work. Our workmanship is guaranteed and backed by our 2-year Paint Saint Louis Limited Labor Warranty. You also have a free 30 day call back in case we both miss something during the initial inspection so no extra labor charges

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