Refer and Earn!

This is simple – advertising costs money and the less advertising we need to worry about spending money on the better prices we can offer.

So refer us any work that signs with us and completes the project and you can earn some simple, easy cash. If they accept the bid and we do the work as contracted you are paid!

In the past we have had people put signs on telephone poles, post a sheet on local bulletin boards, discuss with friends and co-workers and even post in online sites and social media interactions. For online just make sure it’s done legally and within the sites rules.

$25 for any job referred up to $1000
$50 for any job referred up to $1500
$75 for any job referred up to $2000
$100 for any job referred up to $2500

The customer is also rewarded with a full 40% or more off their entire paint supply purchase which can save them hundreds of dollars on larger jobs too.

Want to help us find work? Email me at for more information or have the client give your name and phone number during the referral and bid.

If you have some different ideas for other methods we can use to advertise to the local St. Louis area.. we are more than interested to hear those too!

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