Wildwood – March 2024

Project: Wildwood – March 2024



Wildwood – March 2024

This is the first of a three stage project for this Wildwood area homeowner. This home has absolutely stunning views of the entire area from high atop Old State Road however the interior was very dated and the recent owners were very ready for a change. And a big one.

In the first stage we have removed all wallpaper and backing from almost the entire first floor. Two story living room, dining room, foyer, family room, upper stairs and landing and a laundry room. While we were at work doing this our recommended drywall repairman and drywall repair guys did their thing to replace some weak drywall, mud and tape cracks and repair corner joints and get the area ready to later seal and paint.

Over the years many projects we completed were fairly large in the scope of painting work. This may be the largest wallpaper removal one that I can recall mostly because almost everything was two story, there was a variety of different papers installed at different times and some very odd angles and reach areas thanks to two fireplaces. Each paper came off a bit different and using different tools but thanks to very well sized walls removal was almost damage free with only existing damage and old repairs underneath. Some was done solely with water, some with steam and some which was top part penetrated then steamed off.

As we finish the last few areas the drywall repairs are underway and the entire space will be ready for the next step. In this case we will be painting ceilings, walls, baseboards and windows in the living room, dining room, stairs, upper landing and most of the foyer. At that point we will stop and wrap things up. The final trip will be the kitchen (which will be redone), family room and possibly a few other areas once some structural work is done around the fireplace area and wall.

As this part is complete those pictures will be posted here. The painting part begins soon.

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