STL City – June 2016

Project: STL City – June 2016



STL City – June 2016

Project: Repaint three bedrooms, master closet, bathroom with wainscot, living room, dining room and office area.

What was painted: Ceilings, walls, trim
Project also included multiple accent walls in multiple rooms

Colors used:

CUSTOM: 0616-22 POLAR BEAR – accent on bumpouts in living room and dining room
CUSTOM: 0616-22 ULTRA PURE WHITE – all trim work
CUSTOM: 0616-22 SILVER SCREEN – main color in bedrooms
CUSTOM: 0616-22 LUNAR SURFACE – accent color in master bedroom
CUSTOM: 0616-22 MOCHA LIGHT – main color in living room, dining room and office area
COLOR: B003 MQ2-37 ES EIFFEL FOR YOU – secondary accent color in living and dining room
CUSTOM: 6484 MEANDER BLUE(50%) – bathroom
CUSTOM: 0616-22 PEACEFUL BLUE – accent in middle (small) bedroom

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