St. Charles – July 2022

Project: St. Charles – July 2022



St. Charles – July 2022

Mike at Comic Express in St. Charles gave us a call with a job a little outside of the normal interior painting fare but gave the perfect opportunity to test modern painting products with some old school methods. Why? The time involved in picking up this many units to take elsewhere to spray and return would have been cost prohibitive and there was no area of the retail building that this could be done. These had to be painted right on the retail floor of the store and was done while the business was open.

So since spraying was out of the question the old school method was picked. We can paint these using the same products and methods we use on kitchen cabinets which is a prep session, remove all facing hardware, light scuff sand where needed, remove stickers and such. Apply one cost of specialized primer and three coats of paint using a hand tool method. The end result absolutely rivals that side by side of the existing enamel painted cabinets we set out to match (third pic is side by side comparison). As with any cabinet jobs these took several days to complete because of the dry time involved and the fact that we did not want these wet multiple times during the day with the activity around. One coat first thing each morning and dry enough to be safe before things got busy.

We used Sherwin products for both paint and primer on this project.


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