Pacific – November 2023

Project: Pacific – November 2023



Pacific – November 2023

This home in the Silver Lake Estates subdivision in Pacific, MO needed a quick refresh to prepare for a quick flip/sale. The colors used were ironically very heavily used in these homes during their original construction however the paint used was builder grade quality flat paint.

Since these homes are still fairly new the customer opted to not paint ceilings or baseboards other than areas that we had to make repairs. In this home there were several areas of need including a bad area coming in the front door area at the peak of the vault. A second bad area was found in the master bathroom ceiling and walls and a third at the vault peak of the kitchen. All three were patch repaired and smoothed out then covered with the original ceiling paint with sand still on the property.

The cabinets were also the well known builder grade units mostly built of low end boxes with wood facing and door frames. To clean up and renew them all doors and hardware were pulled, everything cleaned, sanded, primed and painted using Sherwin’s alkyd-hybrid polyurethane product and reassembled.

All the rooms were painted using Promar 200 Low Sheen Eg-Shel paint to keep the original flat paint look as intact as possible while adding quite a bit more durability to all the surfaces and allows light cleaning without disturbing the paint.

The pictures below are all ‘after’ pictures. I had before pictures but I appear to have them lost in my computers somewhere however a video of the whole project beginning and end were posted on our Facebook page.


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