Oakville – February 2017

Project: Oakville – February 2017



Oakville – February 2017

Before and after pictures from this Oakville property we completed. Customer had removed the wallpaper themselves and underneath we found pretty significant damage to the plaster throughout the main floor of the house. There were two large chunks of plaster gone, several large cracks across the ceilings and endless smaller cracks in most of the rooms except the kitchen. We reloaded the holes, skimmed the walls out, redid the corners and caulked all the woodwork and repaired the window returns. It was all then sanded top to bottom and sealed with a brand new no stink water based sealer. We then did a coat of color then went back and rechecked all the walls and found some more hairline cracks…repaired, covered and 2nd coated all ceilings and walls. All ceilings except kitchen were also sand textured over the existing texture to hide all the repairs. Here is the end result.

Colors used: 6134 Netsuke (darker color) and 6143 Muslin both of which are stock Sherwin colors.

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