St Louis Hills – January 2021

Project: St Louis Hills – January 2021



St Louis Hills – January 2021

Interior Painting St Louis Hills. This home in St. Louis Hills had sat vacant for over two years and needed quite a bit of wall work before we came in to give it a nice fresh coat of paint on the ceilings, walls and painted trim. Some wild colors to cover up, two rooms on the first floor with a very coarse texture and… well the purple room says it all. Since it was a rental/investment property the focus was to hide the overall age of the property and the original plaster walls with varying levels and amount of texture and others with light texture over drywall – and keep costs reasonable.

This was a top to bottom repaint of ceilings, walls and painted woodwork. Quite a bit of work was done on the crown molding in four rooms that had huge gaps and bad caulk work. Closets were left original colors and only one side of a few doors were painted. The focus was returning both units to a uniform and standard neutral color.

The color used was Kilm Beige and C4 for the darker accent color and bathroom colors. The 2nd floor bathroom will be completed later as it was still being worked on. To hide the years of repairs and bumpiness of the old plaster walls the owner agreed with us and opted for a good quality flat paint which hides the imperfections as much as one can expect in buildings of this age and now that the entire building has a uniform and standard color scheme future repaints can generally be done with a single coat lowering maintenance costs down the road.

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