Imperial – February 2022

Project: Imperial – February 2022



Imperial – February 2022

This is the first project we completed using a new product for us, Benjamin Moore Advance. While we love Emerald Urethane for cabinets the supply shortages that have been affecting Sherwin has them lacking many products and Emerald is one of them. The primer we are also accustomed to using has also been out of stock for some time so we changed from the Extreme Bond Primer to using the Benjamin Moore line of primers as well. The results are stunning with this paint and after the recommended cure time as once you reach that this paint is almost indestructable.

Since both were new products this job was for a close family friend so we had the time to give it full recommended dry times on both paint and primer. The reason there are no completed ‘after’ pictures is the owners were going to drill and mount handles (they had knobs prior so we filled and sanded those holes away) I recommended letting them cure over the weekend before drilling on them.

The color used was matched by Benjamin Moore but is a Sherwin paint color called Pure White. We can paint cabinets in virtually any color on the planet!

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