Fenton – July 2021

Project: Fenton – July 2021



Fenton – July 2021

This is one of two projects we currently have on the calendar at our neighbor up the road Joyce Meyer Ministries. This first project was squeezed in as the new doors needed to be painted quickly and since they are within eyesight of my house it was pretty easy to work them around my normal day and get this one done quickly. There is a second project for later fall which entails painting four stairwells which are in the main tower and three stories total on each one along with the interior doors and hand rails.

In this case we did several doors that had existing paint on them and several brand new doors which were just installed along with awnings over two of the main entry/exits. Because we wanted the ultimate in durability we used Emerald Urethane which is normally a trim/cabinet type paint it also works great on exteriors and Sherwin’s top residential paint line. The color used is Tricorn Black a standard Sherwin color. Since these pictures were taken on the final coat day it is still curing yet can be touched and handled without much if any worry.



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