Fenton – February 2018

Project: Fenton – February 2018



Fenton – February 2018

This was a trim only job – original wood was a medium-dark brown (same color as the stair rail) and customer wanted it white. One coat of bonding primer, three to four coats of white across the board. We did caulk a portion of the trim but none along the ceiling line that the customer will take care of later. There is also some green tape left on walls in the living room where the customer was painting some book cases.

This was an expensive job because the customer painted all their walls before choosing to paint the woodwork. I can’t stress enough how much easier it is to do before painting is done and how much better the work will look. When it is done after the fact it takes a monumental effort to protect the wall cut edges, the walls themselves and everything else when you have to apply this many coats and do it in a set time frame to guarantee proper adhesion.


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