Fenton – December 2017

Project: Fenton – December 2017



Fenton – December 2017

Lot of different things were done here. For painting work we did two coats on the laundry, kitchen, dining room and bath.

The bathroom was wallpaper and the homeowner opted to seal and paint over it so we did a coat of sealer on the paper and then two coats of wall paint.

The dining room had wallpaper upper which had to be removed. The bad part is underneath that wallpaper was another layer of wallpaper that had been sealed (much like what we are doing with this bathroom) and then papered over. Real happy someone did it properly because we were able to remove the first layer of paper without any damage to the older sealed layer. After the walls dried we did a full top to bottom sanding of the wall and repaired any holes and dings except for mounts the homeowner wanted left.

Then of course we did the simple part of painting the laundry and kitchen. 🙂



After (excuse the horrible lighting in the dining room)

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