Crestwood – July 2022

Project: Crestwood – July 2022



Crestwood – July 2022

On this project the customer in Crestwood wanted a few things done to prep for the sale of the property so the working parts here were:

  1. Entry foyer had wallpaper that needed to be removed, the walls cleaned up and patched, primed and repainted the existing wall color.
  2. The living room ceiling which had a long hairline crack across it. This needed a light sand and repaint to the existing ceiling paint.
  3. The kitchen which had two walls of wallpaper that needed removal as well as a trim accent above the cabinets also wallpapered. Same as the first room the paper was removed, the walls conditioned, primed and painted.
  4. The kitchen cabinets which were the original old brown color from the 60’s and a rough wood. These were taken down and repainted and prepped for reinstall however the client did the install of the doors themselves as they had also done the removal. \
  5. Two bathrooms of wallpaper that needed removal, conditioning, prime and paint.

There was a large opening between the two bathrooms that was being refilled by the client

We used UltraSpec 500 for the walls, Roman RX for the wallpaper prime and our usual cabinet products on the wood.


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