Chesterfield – September 2020

Project: Chesterfield – September 2020



Chesterfield – September 2020

This Chesterfield homeowner contacted us for painting of their home interior. First part of the project (returning in November for the other half): Two bathrooms, two walk in closets, two bedrooms, large basement room, entry, halls, living room and atrium. One bedroom had a 41′ vault, one closet a 12′ vault, one bathroom a 14′ vault, the entry a 14′ vault, the entry a 16′ vault and the atrium a 25′ vault. For this part ceilings and walls were painted then at the end some of the door frames. Baseboards were not painted, all the doors are going to be replaced and some of the other woodwork will be changed out . The customer chose to use Behr paint on the lower dark grey room and the bedrooms. For the main area and atrium we switched to Sherwin’s Emerald. On a return trip some other areas around the atrium will be painted, the new doors which will be cut and hung by then and two areas that require a lift that won’t be available until a later date.


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