Chesterfield – March 2018

Project: Chesterfield – March 2018



Chesterfield – March 2018

There is nothing better than a customer who really wants to go bold. Just a few weeks ago this customer had us paint his condo to get it prepared for sale.

For this round we came to his new home and did the top side walls of the dining room (wainscot below was not painted), the entry foyer and the family room and then since time permitted added in the living room. The entire front of the house was done in the same color as was the inner hall. The living room however went bold. Since the walls were wainscot top and bottom with a chair rail in the middle customer went white on the crown, chair rail and base/door frames, a medium deep blue and a dark blue on the trim piece itself.

These are complicated  time consuming jobs and can be much more expensive than a normal room but as you can see – it’s worth it.

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