Ballwin – February 2019

Project: Ballwin – February 2019



Ballwin – February 2019

Second trip back to this condo complex. First trip was some wallpaper removal work in their lobby. This trip was to deal with some badly peeling floors in their basement/garage area. This is before, during and after pictures. Although we always suggest doing everything the best method which in this case would have been to strip all existing paint off the concrete floors taking it back to bare concrete, etching, priming, painting then clear coating the customer opted for a repair scenario. We sanded all the floors, used a concrete primer over totally bare areas then primed the entire surface with a extreme bonding primer then doing two coats of one part epoxy over the top. All the photos of light grey were taken after priming and the darker grey was after the epoxy application. This was a one part premixed epoxy designed for garage floors which seemed perfect for a walking surface.


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