High Ridge – May 2023

Customer was tired of the old tan look (and that green bathroom) so they decided to go back to a basic white. Painted was baseboards and walls in their kitchen, dining room and living room (with a 14′ vault), two hallways, two bathrooms and the staircase leading to the basement. For this job customer purchased paints through our Benjamin Moore retailer instead of the usual Sherwin paints.





Cottleville – April 2023

A pretty big job and now the fourth one of 2023 where there was a ghosting problem on all the ceilings and walls caused by both insulation issues from the original build combined with both smoking and candles. We repainted this one top to bottom – ceilings, walls and trim. Customer handled the patching and drywall repairs and took down the wallpaper borders.

Painted on this project was three 2nd floor bedrooms (all three vaulted), a hallway and a full bath along with the closets and on the first floor the master bedroom (16 ft vault), master bathroom, kitchen, hallway, 1/2 bath, second hallway, staircase, foyer, living room (another 16′ vault) and the dining room.





Wildwood – March 2023

Customer in Wildwood had a master bedroom (ceilings, walls, trim), a secondary bathroom with color painted ceilings that were converted back to white along with the walls and trim and a secondary bedroom with the same scenario – aqua blue ceiling had to be converted back to white then all trim and walls were painted. We will be returning to this job about mid summer for some additional work requests.





St. Charles – February 2023

This homeowner in St. Charles had a very common issue – ghosting along rafter lines. The problem was made worse by the burning of candles over the years. Since the initial cause is best described as a defect from the build of the home itself this problem can come back over time. To prevent this as much as possible we first applied a specialized sealer over all the existing rafter marks. After that we did three solid coats of white on the ceilings. After that the faux beams across the ceilings were painted a darker accent color (we think they were a styrofoam composite), did an accent color on the kitchen soffit, fireplace and basement stairs then finished with two coats of color on all the walls.

SuperPaint was used for walls, beams, accent and Eminence for ceilings and Duration on trim.





Valley Park – January 2023

Valley Park homeowner wanted the basement rafters blacked out and the new wood around the stairs painted white before the steps are sealed and the final touches added.

The first portion of the project was painting out the basement. Because it’s very easy to miss spots on the first run we always do two solid coats. Using different patterns and allowing just a bit of dry time always gives a more consistent result. The drywall installation followed us which is the idea time to paint the rafters. While it can be done with walls in place there is quite a bit more prep involved.

Once done we began on the stairs. One coat of specialized primer was applied and given 24 hours to dry. Three coats of hard enamel paint were added and again a 24 hour dry. The protective paper was removed and final touchups done. The stairs will now be sealed by the wood installers.

Paint used was Emerald, ceiling dryfall was cutomer supplied paint from home depot.





Kirkwood – December 2022

Another set of cabinets transformed. Disassembled, primed, painted, reassembled.

A few of the corner doors appear slightly off. They were left a bit loose on the hinges as they will be removed again shortly for new counters and backspash. This way they will be easily removable without damaging the fresh paint as it does take this product up to 30 days to ‘fully cure’ and harden. Knobs were also left off for a few more days while drying happens however we did put the new felts on the backs of the doors.

Remember even though white seems to be the most popular color you can choose almost any color in the spectrum much like modern wall paints so the sky is the limit and occasionally customers request a tuxedo design which is a different color on the tops and bottoms.





Columbia IL – November 2022

Paint: Sherwin, SuperPaint, Flat
Color: Alabaster

Interior painting project completed in Columbia, Illinois. This project involved repainting the ceilings and walls of the entry, basement stairs, living room and kitchen areas. Both the walls and ceilings of the area have a heavy texture added at some time by the previous owner. The new owners were happy with the white color but not the texture.

By repainting the entire area the texture was much more subdued and blended in and added just a touch of color to the whole area. Since the color was so light and conscious that the edges would be difficult to get a clean edge with the texture everywhere the owner opted to do the same color on both the ceilings and walls.

One expected thing was a higher than normal amount of paint usage. The entire job ran about three gallons over the average amount that we normally see.



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