St. Charles – May 2020

Took some medium level oak colored cabinets to a painted white – the first using the new enamel/urethane Emerald product on top of our normal primer.  Color used was Sherwin ‘Pure White’ with white based primer.


Kirkwood – April 2020

First half of this project completed so owners could get moved in quickly. Three upstairs bedrooms painted, walls only and some minor patching. A bathroom and some downstairs areas will come in a few weeks. Since the rooms were drying at the time the pics were taken these will be updated when the other work happens.


Dittmer – April 2020

We were asked by a customer if we are able to paint modular and mobile homes. The simple answer is yes! There was an added complication though – the unit had been heavily smoked in so there was a thick layer of smoker tar on all the walls and ceilings. Instead of using the standby oil based primer to seal everything we used a new product that has virtually no smell and seals equally as good as the old oil. Ceilings and walls were sealed throughout then we applied a coat of ceiling paint then painted out all the rooms and closets.

The colors used:
Green – SW6738 – Vegan
Gray – SW6254 – Lazy Gray
Purple – SW9067 – Forever Lilac
Blue – SW6793 – Bluebell
Ceilings – Brod Dugan Suburban



South City – April 2020

Repainted this small AirBnB unit in south city to brighten it up. The living room ceiling was painted (Brod Dugan Suburban) then the walls in the bedroom, bathroom, hall, kitchen, living room and staircase. We also sanded down the staircase walls as they had been excessively sand textured at request of the owner. The wall color used was Sherwin’s Agreeable Grey in Promar 200 ZeroVOC low gloss eg-shel.


St. Charles – April 2020

Repainted two bedrooms and two closets – walls only except for the ceiling in one bedroom.

Wall color: Alabaster in Promar 200 Zero VOC Low Sheen Eg-Shel
Ceiling: Brod Dugan Suburban ceiling paint


Fenton – March 2020

Was called in to repaint this office complex and partial warehouse for a Fenton area business. This involved 10 offices, a main open area, a warehouse area and three bathrooms which also had wallpaper to remove and reseal. The finals of the bathroom pictures were taken on the last day and was still drying. This page may take a few to load as there are a lot of photos.


Chesterfield – February 2020

Residential repaint in Chesterfield – Front Room, Living Room, Entry/Stairs, Dining Room, Kitchen and one Bedroom.
Wall color is Sherwin’s Eider White and the black accent in the dining room and kitchen along with the stair risers and rails is Tricorn Black.


Chesterfield – February 2020

Repainted: Front entry, Family Room, Dining Room, Hallway, Three Bedrooms and Two Bathrooms (not pictured)
What was painted: Walls only – wallpaper also removed in one bedroom, walls primed
Prepped and ready to go on the market.