Ladue – August 2022

The Ladue homeowner chose to use a customer supplied paint and two different paints were used between the rooms we painted. This project consisted of two bedrooms, a master bedroom and a master bath (not pictured). The baseboards, crown, doors and frames were all painted. One bedroom had a single layer crown, one had none and the master in a two layer tray pattern. Ceilings were also painted.





Crestwood – July 2022

On this project the customer in Crestwood wanted a few things done to prep for the sale of the property so the working parts here were:

  1. Entry foyer had wallpaper that needed to be removed, the walls cleaned up and patched, primed and repainted the existing wall color.
  2. The living room ceiling which had a long hairline crack across it. This needed a light sand and repaint to the existing ceiling paint.
  3. The kitchen which had two walls of wallpaper that needed removal as well as a trim accent above the cabinets also wallpapered. Same as the first room the paper was removed, the walls conditioned, primed and painted.
  4. The kitchen cabinets which were the original old brown color from the 60’s and a rough wood. These were taken down and repainted and prepped for reinstall however the client did the install of the doors themselves as they had also done the removal. \
  5. Two bathrooms of wallpaper that needed removal, conditioning, prime and paint.

There was a large opening between the two bathrooms that was being refilled by the client

We used UltraSpec 500 for the walls, Roman RX for the wallpaper prime and our usual cabinet products on the wood.






Fenton – July 2022

For this project the homeowner had a living room/kitchen shotgun combo with a back hallway to have painted. This involved the baseboards, door frames and doors, ceiling and walls.

While the color change was not that drastic there were three areas in this small area that gave an issue and can serve as a great example of what looks like it might be a problem sometimes is not.. and sometimes what you least expect would be a problem becomes one.

In this situation we had a red wall that would no longer be an accent and instead return to the main wall color. Reds can always be problematic but in this case two coats of wall paint covered it no problem. The yellow wall was repainted yellow. Sounds simple right? This along with the back hallway that was green would be changed to yellow. Both walls required three coats of paint to properly fill in which taking the green to a solid and vibrant yellow was expected to give some issue.. generally yellow over yellow does not but the old color being more of a goldish yellow and the new one being a true bright yellow in order to get the full color effect a third coat was needed to fully block out the gold. Simple solution of course but the kind of things we warn about that can happen with certain colors clashing with others.




St. Charles – July 2022

Mike at Comic Express in St. Charles gave us a call with a job a little outside of the normal interior painting fare but gave the perfect opportunity to test modern painting products with some old school methods. Why? The time involved in picking up this many units to take elsewhere to spray and return would have been cost prohibitive and there was no area of the retail building that this could be done. These had to be painted right on the retail floor of the store and was done while the business was open.

So since spraying was out of the question the old school method was picked. We can paint these using the same products and methods we use on kitchen cabinets which is a prep session, remove all facing hardware, light scuff sand where needed, remove stickers and such. Apply one cost of specialized primer and three coats of paint using a hand tool method. The end result absolutely rivals that side by side of the existing enamel painted cabinets we set out to match (third pic is side by side comparison). As with any cabinet jobs these took several days to complete because of the dry time involved and the fact that we did not want these wet multiple times during the day with the activity around. One coat first thing each morning and dry enough to be safe before things got busy.

We used Sherwin products for both paint and primer on this project.





Imperial – June 2022

A quick top to bottom repaint of this residential home in Imperial, MO.

On this project we:

Painted all ceilings, wall, crown, doors and door frames. Baseboards are being replaced and not painted.
Repaired and floated living room wall after fireplace insert was installed into wall. We also removed the wallpaper from this wall.
Removed popcorn ceiling switching to a sand texture appearance and repaired texture in a drywall replace area above cabinets.
Removed wallpaper on one wall in dining room but left border around entire room.
Painted outside garage door and both front and rear exterior doors.

Work not pictured was in the kitchen and outside. You may notice the unpainted area around the fireplace which was left bare as granite will be mounted around the fireplace as a surround. Since the mortar needs to adhere to the concrete backer board we only did a thin layer of paint around the insert to prevent any adhesion issues as the mortar over latex could cause later separation.








Brentwood – May 2022

A whole lot of work in a short amount of time. Because of a time crunch we had about two weeks for this project in Brentwood, MO to completely black out the entire ceiling and rafter areas, create an edge line around the entire building without a level surface and paint accent walls in every single room. And it all had to be primed/sealed first. A challenge but definitely not impossible and in the end another successful painting project with a stunning before and after look.

The colors here are easy – light grey is ‘Network Grey’, dark grey is ‘Web Grey’, black is ‘Tricorn Black’ which are all Sherwin colors however the paints used this time were all Benjamin Moore brand paints, the primer was a specialized brand we use for pva/sealing that allows tinting so we matched the tint of the two main grey colors into the primer for added coverage. Ceiling blackout came to us from a new company called Fixall and did an excellent job.




Imperial – February 2022

This is the first project we completed using a new product for us, Benjamin Moore Advance. While we love Emerald Urethane for cabinets the supply shortages that have been affecting Sherwin has them lacking many products and Emerald is one of them. The primer we are also accustomed to using has also been out of stock for some time so we changed from the Extreme Bond Primer to using the Benjamin Moore line of primers as well. The results are stunning with this paint and after the recommended cure time as once you reach that this paint is almost indestructable.

Since both were new products this job was for a close family friend so we had the time to give it full recommended dry times on both paint and primer. The reason there are no completed ‘after’ pictures is the owners were going to drill and mount handles (they had knobs prior so we filled and sanded those holes away) I recommended letting them cure over the weekend before drilling on them.

The color used was matched by Benjamin Moore but is a Sherwin paint color called Pure White. We can paint cabinets in virtually any color on the planet!