High Ridge -January 2024

Over eight years ago we painted most of the main interior area of this home so it’s always nice when someone that far back calls you when it’s time for more work.

For this trip they wanted their honey oak cabinets painted. These were like most lower end cabinets with only wood fronts. There was also a second area with cabinets that were installed at a separate time and while close in look were not the same cabinets and did not match in type or color. With the kitchen sitting back away from the natural light the darker wood cabinetry made the entire kitchen look dark.

The customer chose to go with Essential Grey from Sherwin Williams for the new color which lightened up the entire kitchen area a whole lot!

Doors were removed and labeled, all hinges removed and set aside for each door ensuring that the top and bottom were marked so every hinge would return to it’s former location which generally reduces or eliminates having to balance out the doors later. All hardware removed and set aside.

We then set up shop in the corner of their basement with drying racks and tables and racked it all up. Doors were light sanded, deglossed and cleaned, lightly sanded again then a coat of bonding primer was applied. Once cured it was lightly sanded, first coat added, lightly sanded and the second coat applied. Doors were then flipped to the fronts and the same prime/sand/paint/sand/paint process was followed.

Hardware put back on, doors hung, handles returned and a final check of all doors. boxes and sides done to ensure proper coverage.

We then painted out the small back area to match the rest of the homes interior.

The first picture was taken of the back of one of the doors after the first coat went on. The leveling ability of this paint is simply amazing, and this is the lowest end stuff we use. Two other close up shots are of a side (which is basically a laminated sticker) and one of the doors. Now the two different sets of cabinets all match in color.

Interested in making those old cabinets look new again? Give us a call and schedule a free estimate today!




Columbia (IL) – December 2023

This homeowner wanted their entire main area repainted but before we started there were several areas that needed drywall repairs. We referred them to AJ’s Drywall who came in and took care of that work and prepared everything for us to come in and get things painted. Ceilings were two coated to make sure repairs blended in, baseboards one coated semigloss white and then two coats on all the wall areas. You will notice some pillars – those are not part of our paint work as they will be faux finished after our work is complete by the homeowner.





Pacific – November 2023

This home in the Silver Lake Estates subdivision in Pacific, MO needed a quick refresh to prepare for a quick flip/sale. The colors used were ironically very heavily used in these homes during their original construction however the paint used was builder grade quality flat paint.

Since these homes are still fairly new the customer opted to not paint ceilings or baseboards other than areas that we had to make repairs. In this home there were several areas of need including a bad area coming in the front door area at the peak of the vault. A second bad area was found in the master bathroom ceiling and walls and a third at the vault peak of the kitchen. All three were patch repaired and smoothed out then covered with the original ceiling paint with sand still on the property.

The cabinets were also the well known builder grade units mostly built of low end boxes with wood facing and door frames. To clean up and renew them all doors and hardware were pulled, everything cleaned, sanded, primed and painted using Sherwin’s alkyd-hybrid polyurethane product and reassembled.

All the rooms were painted using Promar 200 Low Sheen Eg-Shel paint to keep the original flat paint look as intact as possible while adding quite a bit more durability to all the surfaces and allows light cleaning without disturbing the paint.

The pictures below are all ‘after’ pictures. I had before pictures but I appear to have them lost in my computers somewhere however a video of the whole project beginning and end were posted on our Facebook page.





Imperial – October 2023

We not only do the big jobs – we do the small ones too.

This customer had a pretty simple problem – a glossy paint was used on the ceilings at some point and had flashing problems. This gave a chance to take care of small repairs then a repaint. In this case we did not go back to a normal flat paint but matched the wall color and stuck with a low sheen paint keeping the sheen protection in the kitchen and taking that into the living room. Cleaned up the ceiling edge and repainted the fireplace wall to match and then the whole ceiling, To ensure good coverage Sherwin Emerald wall paint was used.





Barnhart – September 2023

Project completed for homeowner in Barnhart, MO. This project covered three bedrooms, two baths, living room, front entry, kitchen and main double room in the basement as well as the down stairwell and only included the walls. 10′ vault across the kitchen and living room, popcorn ceilings and mostly orange peel knockdown with sand texture in the basement. We only competed a wall repaint on this one using Promar 200 Low Sheen Eg-shel in a grey color.

Do you need a living room painted? How about some bedrooms? Maybe the entire house? No matter your needs Paint Saint Louis can help prepare your home for sale, give your new home your personal touches and even repaint the colors you like which have aged over the years.

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Ladue – August 2023

This project began earlier this year and has been broken up into sections as there was quite a bit of renovation work and other contractors involved. The first portion of the work was to come in and paint all the ceilings on the first floor and get the first coat of wall color throughout. The only areas untouched are the two small bathrooms as work is still ongoing. For most of these areas we used either Promar 200 flat in Accessible Beige or Emerald flat (same color) in the main areas and hallway (more durability). The second portion was the return trip to do door frames, doors, baseboards and trim on the main floor then second coat all the walls. The third trip was to black out the basement ceiling and paint all the new drywalled areas of the basement with two coats of Promar 200 flat. There may still be some bathroom areas unpainted as those still have work going on.

At the time this is being posted I am finalizing the areas of the basement and then completing the areas of the first floor that we can and likely will return a fourth time for the three bathrooms and a final run through.





Chase Park Plaza – June 2023

We have always said we can do a cabinet paint job in pretty much any residential situation. For most part we occupy an area in the garage or basement of most homes for the painting work however what do you do when neither exist. Not too long ago we did one in an open retail business during normal business hours which meant changing the normal method to get some ultra-fast dry and cure times. This time it was in a place with an absolutely amazing view – the 19th floor of the Chase Park Plaza hotel. While the view was amazing there was no basement, no garage and only in the living area of the home.

Nice thing is with our current setup it takes almost no space at all and we were able to complete this high end paint job in the same amount of space as a couch with no fumes, no smell and without shutting their kitchen down for any length of time. We also have a great system for getting all the necessities in and out of these high rise buildings and once things were set up with the customer, they were able to go about life with little to no interruption in their daily lives.

As can be seen in some of the before pictures there were some significant problems caused by random repairs over the years including old glue, silicone caulk and other things which was cleaned off and sealed with oil primer, all surfaces deglossed, one coat of primer and four coats of topcoat enamel paints were applied. There is one door missing from a corner that is painted but will be getting new hinges so that was not mounted when we took the pictures and the customer will be reinstalling the gold plating around the island. The customer has a few handles and knobs to order to finish the transformation.

There was also a few pieces added from the bedroom where the doors, drawer fronts and bed surround were painted a more mahogany color (the original color can be seen in the back of the book case).

In total this project was a total of 53 pieces and all the cabinet boxes and island.

Interested in making your cabinets go from aged to modern, dark to light or anything else? Give us a call today!




High Ridge – May 2023

Customer was tired of the old tan look (and that green bathroom) so they decided to go back to a basic white. Painted was baseboards and walls in their kitchen, dining room and living room (with a 14′ vault), two hallways, two bathrooms and the staircase leading to the basement. For this job customer purchased paints through our Benjamin Moore retailer instead of the usual Sherwin paints.





Cottleville – April 2023

A pretty big job and now the fourth one of 2023 where there was a ghosting problem on all the ceilings and walls caused by both insulation issues from the original build combined with both smoking and candles. We repainted this one top to bottom – ceilings, walls and trim. Customer handled the patching and drywall repairs and took down the wallpaper borders.

Painted on this project was three 2nd floor bedrooms (all three vaulted), a hallway and a full bath along with the closets and on the first floor the master bedroom (16 ft vault), master bathroom, kitchen, hallway, 1/2 bath, second hallway, staircase, foyer, living room (another 16′ vault) and the dining room.





Wildwood – March 2023

Customer in Wildwood had a master bedroom (ceilings, walls, trim), a secondary bathroom with color painted ceilings that were converted back to white along with the walls and trim and a secondary bedroom with the same scenario – aqua blue ceiling had to be converted back to white then all trim and walls were painted. We will be returning to this job about mid summer for some additional work requests.




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