Wallpaper Removal

Paint Saint Louis offers it’s clients professional wallpaper removal at great rates however unlike our flat rate painting prices part of the wallpaper removal process must be done by the hour since there are multiple underlying factors that can complicate and lengthen the process.

The most important factors are if the wallpaper was professionally installed and the wall surface properly sized before the paper was applied. The type and thickness of the paper is also a factor since some can be pulled down in entire sheets while thin paper tends to shred. On occasion we run into vinyl paper which also tends to remove easy and every once in awhile we find wallpaper that was applied over other wallpaper. Additionally some wallpaper will separate – the top of the paper removes but the backing remains and has to be scraped off. All of these things can factor into the removal process cost.

After the paper and backing have been removed any necessary wall repairs must be made. In good cases this is nothing more than spot patching and filling nail holes. In bad cases parts or the whole wall may need to be floated out with a coat of drywall finishing mud to bring it back to it’s original condition. It’s also possible that the wallpaper was applied to cover up significant wall damage which may have to be repaired by a drywall professional which we will do our best to detect before the work starts. Once this part is complete and the wall completely dry we lightly sand it from top to bottom to further improve the smoothness of the wall surface.

All of these things can vary in time therefore we charge by the hour for this type of work.

The final step before painting is to apply a coat of primer to any repaired surfaces and any areas that were previously wallpapered. This work is done by flat rate pricing and once complete you are ready for painting!