Medium oak to white cabinet transformation – April 2020

Cabinet painting seems to be at the height of popularity. With light-and-bright kitchens being on trend, many homeowners choose to kick off their remodeling project with renovated cabinets. Many have found the cost of painting cabinets to be far more affordable than replacing. With new paint and updated hardware, homeowners can go from dated natural oak cabinets to modern white or gray cabinets.

Unfortunately for homeowners, the cost of cabinet painting is not as straightforward as one might expect. Popular websites that quote the cost of cabinet painting tend to be all over the map at best, and inaccurate at worst. For example, Thumbtack quotes a price range of $1,200 to $7,000. Similarly, Angie’s List provides a range of $1,200 to $6,000. However, for many cabinet painting jobs, the lower end of this range would barely cover the cost of a quality paint, primer, and necessary sundries. HomeAdvisor presents a much narrower price range, $1,662 to $3,780. With all of the different information available, it’s easy to see how consumers may become confused.

For cabinets we typically start pricing at $75 a door and $25 a drawer on cost which includes a degloss, light sand, bond primer application and up to three coats of enamel urethane paint and is generally a seven to nine day process when done properly. As always this is the labor cost however unlike a wall repaint your material costs on a cabinet repaint are quite minimal.

There aren’t a lot of things that vary the price with cabinets however the more ornamental they are the more complicated they become to paint. Hardware can be difficult to remove and reinstall. There needs to be a sufficient space to paint and dry on site (basement/garage generally) or abnormally large doors. The price does includes the sides and backs of cabinet areas. There may be some obstacles to deal with as well based on kitchen layout. Some customers even opt for a tuxedo look which is using a different color on your upper and lower cabinets or even doing the cabinet box in one color and the doors in another. And the colors.. a wide range of colors mean there are some which may require additional coats to properly fill based on current and new color choices.

For most other painting of stained wood related items the same process applies such as converting stained wood trim to paint, bookcases/built ins, railings, wood doors and wainscot.

The enamel urethane is a specific product that we use as it offers one of the highest durability levels out of all the similar products we have tested and is one of Sherwin’s top of the line paint brands fortunately cabinets do not require much paint at all so you have the luxury of using a product that retails at 109 a gallon and is what recommend for all cabinet repaint jobs as well as many woodwork projects where applicable.