Obtain A Bid

The best way to get a bid is to contact us either by phone or e-mail and have as many details as possible when you call. We will talk to you about the size of the area, the condition of the surfaces, what you would like painted in the area and a few questions about the layout of the room.

If you have the time to snap a few pictures and have them handy to send us this will also help in the process. While many standard painting projects can be bid over the phone with this simple information some situations may require us to come to the property to see things in person. Truth is almost 65% of all work will receive an immediate and solid quote right over the phone.

The most important information to have before you contact me:

Size of each room (include length, width and ceiling height)

Are any ceilings vaulted, coffered or other than standard 8 foot height?

Current color and paint type/sheen (a flat tan, a eggshell yellow, etc)

New color and paint type/sheen

Is there any additional woodwork in this room such as chair rails, crown molding?

What will be painted (walls only, ceilings, woodwork, doors, etc.,)

Any additional work or repairs needed (patching, texture repair, wallpaper removal, etc.,)

For color reference you can use the following chart: 

The below form can be printed out and used to gather basic information which can be scanned and e-mailed back to us. Send the file to robert @ along with your contact info to begin the process or have it handy when you call.

Quick bid form (PDF format): Bid Request.pdf 

After this initial phone call and information we will know if it is necessary to come to your property to measure or view areas for painting. ALL wallpaper projects require an in home consultation as are all ‘two story’ type areas.

By doing many bids like this we can get you a bid quickly and keep you from having to spend part of your day waiting for the painter to show up. We try to do most in home bids over the weekend as it works best with most peoples schedules but we can set up times during the week if necessary.

You can always reach us at 314-566-8992 if you have any questions.