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Providing quick, reasonable and quality interior painting services at discount prices to South and West St. Louis County, Jefferson, Franklin and St. Charles Counties. Room prices start (for a 12 x 12 room) at $85 for one coat and $125 for two coats! For a no obligation bid or just a quick consultation contact me - most can be done over the phone! We are BBB Accredited A+ rated!


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When it comes to painting work you have many choices to pick from. This includes doing it yourself, hiring a large well known painting firm or searching around for the best deal in places like Craigslist, newspaper classifieds or even flyers at your local grocery store - each choice having advantages and disadvantages. The big firms are easily verifiable and can do nearly perfect work but they come at a substantial cost. You have individuals ... random people who put up flyers in the grocery store or run ads in places like Craigslist or Backpage as just some random person who has some painting equipment. and is willing to do it dirt cheap but who are they? Have they ever painted before? 

I've dealt with hundreds of customers from Craigslist and have been told many horror stories. Totally unqualified people who claim to be professional painters, people who request money for deposits or supplies only to run off with their money. The painter called and can't do the job because they are in jail. Carpet cleaners who pretend to be professional painters. And they all had one thing in common - the word CHEAP. Painting is in the skilled trades category for a can't just pick up a brush and roller and become a pro painter - it takes years to hone the craft and to learn the many facets of a truly quality job. You also need to be fully equipped - owning a brush, roller and a paint pan is not equipped. If you have a full range of ladder equipment, scaffolding, high quality brushes, rollers, frames, screens, scrapers, wallpaper removal tools.... and only the highest quality equipment will give you a quality job. Remember - the words CHEAPEST is a red flag in this field of work.

Thankfully there is a third alternative - a fully established painting business, registered with the State of Missouri, Federal Government, have an A+ rating and accreditation with the BBB, A rated on Angie's list with plenty of completed jobs under our belts all of which are posted online for the past two years so you can see what we do for yourself and what we can do for you. That's what Paint Saint Louis is - a small painting contractor that concentrates on one job at a time and in a way that ensures the work does not have to be rushed which results in a quality end result. And our spotless record proves that without any doubt - references can be faked, BBB records cannot.

And unlike many we do not ask for upfront deposits to begin work - payments are only due as work is completed. All work is performed under written bid and contract so you know exactly what you're paying for eliminating surprises. Customer supplies paint/materials and we supply all standard tools and ladder equipment/scaffolding up to 18 feet high. Having our own equipment saves you hundreds off the cost and having the customer purchase all materials saves them on markups and worry about a contractor taking their money and never coming back.

Even the bid process is easy - most are done right over the phone or e-mail. All you need to know are a few basic items - size of room in width and length, ceiling height, if there is any extra woodwork such as chair rails or crown molding in the area, current color and desired color. If an onsite bid becomes necessary there is no charge. Below is an example of a 'standard room' which is 12 x 12 or under.

These prices are based on a 12 x 12 room, 8 foot ceilings. The 'and up' price is for rooms or spaces larger than a 12 x 12 or with higher ceilings. With these prices you only pay for what you need and while I am happy to offer advice on what should be done for optimum results I understand the economy and that people are looking for the best results they can without paying a ton of money. According to industry experts "Expect to pay in the high end of the $4.06 - $7.32 per square foot range for a licensed, bonded and insured contractor and for complex or rush projects." - minus material costs that's around 3.00 a sq ft at the low end. Now take a breath, relax and look at the great prices you can pay:<;/a> (calculate the price for your area here)

These prices are current as of May 1, 2014:

--Walls and Ceilings:--
Primer coats: $85

1 coat of paint on all wall surfaces: $85 - (same color and sheen)
2 full coats on paint on all wall surfaces: $125 - (most normal paint jobs require two coats)
If crown molding or chair rails are present but not being painted: $5 - $10
Ceilings: $50 - (Single coat of flat white when room is being painted. Ceilings alone are priced differently)
Closets: $15+ - (Since closets can vary in size this price is for a standard small closet, single coat of flat white)

--Woodwork and extras:--
Note: Price is for a single coat of white semi-gloss. If item is not already white extra coats may be needed.
Baseboards: $30 (normal floors) $35 (carpet floors)
Flat doors: $15 a piece (+$5 with entire frame)
Three and six panel doors: $15/$20 a piece  (+$5 with entire frame)
Chair rails if being painted: $30
Crown molding - if being painted: $40

Prices do increase for rooms with wall/ceiling heights greater than 8' and I am equipped to handle all heights up to around 18' however insurance demands that all work over 12' includes two men for safety reasons which increases pricing as well however from past experience these prices will still beat the big boys!

Small nail holes are filled for free however anything larger that may require actual wall repair would be additional work and discussed at bid time. You will receive a written bid detailing all the work discussed to make sure you are getting exactly what you order and a contract to ensure it. It may seem a bit overkill for small jobs but I have found it eliminates any issues in the job because for both worker and customer there is a very clearly written agreement to the work to be performed and in what fashion. 

My service area includes most of St. Louis County (except North County), Jefferson County and Franklin County. I DO NOT SERVICE ST. LOUIS CITY, NORTH COUNTY OR ILLINOIS. 

As always the end result is what I strive for - a happy customer that feels their money was well spent and that they received what they paid for. This is not union quality work...absolute perfection... if that is whar you're looking for you're best to spend the $60 an hour and hire a union painter. The work I do is of a high quality and performed for a fraction of the cost. I supply all normal tools of the trade such as brushes, rollers, ladders, tarps, etc. Extra supplies such as caulk, furniture/carpet protecting plastics, paints, chemicals and materials are bought by you as well as any specialty tools specific to your project which ensures you will never be overcharged for materials and allows me to not request a deposit. 

Last, but not least - we are not movers and we do not move furniture or belongings of any kind. We highly recommend removing all furniture from areas that will be painted that day. It is solely the responsibility of the customer to remove or otherwise cover and protect any furniture that cannot be removed from the work area. This also includes any wall hanging, shelves or other wall mounted ornaments which should also be removed before the painter begins work in the area. We also highly recommend the use of carpet protector in areas leading to and from work areas such as staircases, hallways and entry/exits that will be used during the project. We will not be held responsible for furniture which has been left in a work area or unprotected. There should be no individuals in the work area other than the painters to prevent paint from tarps being tracked onto carpets and floors.

Discount prices, quality results.

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